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America...bless God?

Do good to a stranger   ◆   Make a friend of an enemy   ◆   Help someone needing safety   ◆   Give a needed hug   ◆   If you're a woman, marry a man and love him, or learn happiness without   ◆   Avoid the evil   ◆   Seek absolute truth in the Word of God   ◆   Applaud for a sunset   ◆   Give someone your break   ◆   Defend righteousness   ◆   If you're a man, marry a woman and love her, or learn happiness without   ◆   Seek the good   ◆   Applaud life   ◆   Speak difficult truth gently to help   ◆   Care for some children   ◆   Remember life is always good   ◆   Remember death is never   ◆   Avoid enemies who will only hate and destroy   ◆   Remember the whole story of the very first rainbow

Do His joys and talk Him up!
He loves it and you will too!!!

Join in on Facebook, and anywhere else people see and talk!!!!!
and spread the word!!!!!!!!